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SCN151: The FO Pizza, Shin Godzilla, Suck it Trebek, Station Theatre and Trill Fest, Kidz Bop and Oni-Con!

October 19, 2016

We're back! After a ton of trouble, SCN is back with 151! Jesus, Ryan, Drea and later, Rex take you on a this week's terrific Journey!  Pi's FO Pizza melted our brains, Shin Godzilla bored our brains, Trebek called a group of people losers, we delve into Kidz Bop, remember Oni-Con and Roger Anderson from Station Theatre joins us to talk about Trill Comedy Festival!
Trill Comedy Festival
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Music This Week:
"Who is Alex Trebeck" by A TON OF NERDCORE RAPPERS
"Starships" by Kidz Bop.....sigh.