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May 2017

SCN161: Fandom Galaxy, GOTG2, and the Best Panel at Comicpalooza2K17

Rex, Ryan, Drea and Jesus bring you the lowdown on Fandom Galaxy, share their quick recap of GOTG2 and tell you which panel is the best one at Comicpalooza this year!


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Apr 2017

SCN160: Kinks of the Decade, Comicpalooza 2K17, Bayonetta Tech Support, Animu2K17, Cosplays, and Panel Announcement!

Rex, Ryan and Jesus are back to announce a panel at this year's Comicpalooza, as well as us being part of the CP Podcast Program! Rex talks about how he was basically tech support for the PC release of Bayonetta, we go over the anime release schedule and we open up with kinks through time!

Apr 2017

SCN159: Weeaboo Week!

Anime Matsuri is in town and we decided to have a Weeaboo Week! Medina and My Name is Michael join us in a very anime specific show where we read off some of the replies to our weaboo questionnaire! Tune in next time for the answers to some of the questions you asked AM goers!


Mar 2017

BIBO14: Houston Whiskey Social, Fancy Beers, Laphroaig

Krist Hart from the Houston Whiskey Social is back to talk more about the event in May, and also to help get us boozed up! Ryan is also back after spending 6 weeks without alcohol, more on that during the show! But in this episode we try Bishop's Barrel  9, Barrel Crusher, Bravo, and the Excorcism of Rachel Wall for the beers.  Whiskey wise, we try Total Wine's Spirits Direct scotch, Ainsley Brae and two beautiful Laphroaigs! Enjoy!

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Mar 2017


We have a pretty good excuse for our abscence, we think....but listen to us talk about our year so far in video games. From Resident Evil 7, to Final Fantasy XV and the Nintendo Switch, we cover the games that have been taking up our free time and add in some of that special SCN spice!

Mar 2017

BIBO13: Argus Cider, Bell’s Brewery, and Beers Looking at You!

We're back! Eric and Jesus sit down at the lovely Beers Looking at You to record this month's episode! We start off with a full overview of Argus Cidery, including some rare gems from them. Then we properly welcome Bell's to Texas with a taste of their initial offerings.  Also, Mr. Strait personally asked us not to play his song at the end of our show....ok, Jesus just forgot to add it on there.

Argus Cidery

Bell's Brewery

Beers Looking at You

Feb 2017

Suplex City Nerd: Royal Rumble weekend, The Mastodon, and Stripper Look a Likes

Jesus and Sean get in the ring to talk about all that was the Royal Rumble by reviewing each match AND entrant. They also hit on NXT Takeover, WWE's female wrestlers being called strippers, Jesus's problem with Vince's obsessions with Mastodons, and more!

Jan 2017

BIBO12: Galveston Bay Beer Company, Football, and Packing!

Eric, Jesus and Sean head out to Galveston Bay Beer Co. and have a blast with their beer! Highly reccomend picking up a 4 pack of Bull Shark!  Super Bowl is upon us and in Houston this year so we talk about beer and football, plus the economics of 6 packs.

Galveston Bay Beer Co.


Jan 2017

SCN157: SCN Redux, Space City Farms!

New year, new podcast format! 2017 brings a sleeker and more focused sound to the SCN Podcast! Listen up for all the details, and welcome our first guest, Gary Maltz from Space City Farms! After this episode, we all may become healthy farmers!


Dec 2016

BIBO11: The one were we’ve had a few and Charlie from Ballast Point joins us and Kris is still around, and RIP Karbach

We questioned if we should release this episode but we said what the hell. What you have here is a horrible experiment where we attempted to record two shows in a row. Thanks to Charlie from Ballast Point, it went better than expected but your bar should be set to absurd as we get pretty out there in this episode. Enjoy and RIP Karbach!