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Oct 2019

BIBO1019: A New Pilot, HTX Events, Astros Playoffs, and Taco Beer!

Well, we're back! This time Jesus has brought along someone he's known all his life, Ryan Hooper, to sit in the co-pilot chair. We're taking things easy and using this as the pilot episode as we talk about the busy schedule the Houston beer scene has this month, the Astros frustrating us, and some of the better tacos around town while we drink a taco beer!

Sep 2019

SCNSEPT2019: Nintendo Direct

Hey there! We're back for the month to talk to you about sparkling water, a bunch of games, action figures but most importantly our thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct! Listen up, it's good for you Space City

Aug 2019


Last week Sean and Jesus got to catch a sneak preview of Good Boys, they also decided to drink during and after. Here's what they came up with! Btw, Good Boys is 10/10 or so we were led to believe.

Jun 2019


Ryan, Rex, Jesus and Nurse talk E3. No we don't go over everything, no we dont tell you our top, but SCN does E3!

Apr 2019

SCNMAY19: Ethics, Avengers, Disney, Nether Realm and more

This month Rex and Jesus sat in the same room to record, yay us! But we take a look at the MCU, Star Wars and how Disney affects all of this. We also take a look at Childish Gambino's Adidas, and Nether Realm's work ethics!

Feb 2019

SCNFEB19: Valentine’s Day Special and shitty anime fans!

We're here with our annual Valentine's Day special where we answer your questions on love, sex and romance! We were really surprised by this year's batch and super thankful for contributing, hope we pleased! Also, we take a look at the big problem in the anime community right now, and of course you know our take on Vic. Also this show is a bit more NSFW.

Jan 2019

SCNJAN19B: Post PAX and the Return of 20 Years Ago!

No theme song due to some technical difficulties, but Ryan, Rex and Jesus are here to tell you how good PAX was and also we dial it back to circa 1999 and celebrate!

Jan 2019

SCNJAN19:FYRE, PAX, RE2, and Why Physical Video Games Are Still Cool!

Rex and Jesus have a pretty chill and short show for January. As Jesus gets ready for PAX South, Rex is getting prepared for the RE2 release. We talk about the Fyre documentaries, and what makes buying physical games feel so good!

Dec 2018

SCNDEC18: Best of 2018, the Media Edition

Full crew on the SCN tonight as we go through the year's best media. So much stuff happened in the decade known as 2018!

Nov 2018

SCNNOV18: Black Friday 2K18, Nathan Barnatt!

We back, that's two months in a row! Ryan and Jesus talk about their Black Friday purchases and about Ryan coming back to gaming.  We then sit down with our very special guest Nathan Barnatt to talk filmaking, physical comedy, and more!

Nathan's new movie crowdfund:


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