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Oct 2018

SCNOCT18:Riverdale, RunescapeCon and the grossness, and Venom Without Watching Venom

Don't mind us, just slipping right back into your ears. Rex and Jesus come on to talk Riverdale, Runescape scandals, and we try to sell you on Venom....without actually watching Venom!

Apr 2018

SCN MINI #1: The Olive Knight & Skiderhouse!

Jesus sits down with The Olive Knight for an SCN Mini to to talk about Skiders, his art, enamel pins and Comicpalooza drops!

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Mar 2018

SCN166:The Return, Anime Maturity

SCN is back! And while it's not your usual show packed with comedy, we had to tackle a really important subject, Anime Matsuri.  In this episode, we give our stance to the controversial con and provide reasons as to why are taking this stance. Its a doozy but someone's got to do it!

Aug 2017

BIBO17: Sixpoint Brewery!

Brooklyn comes to BIBO as Jesus, Eric and newcomer Ron sit down with Sixpoint's James! After some of the mainline beer makeovers, we had to dive right in!

Jul 2017

BIBO16: TABC Drama, The BA Seal, and some Beer Camp!

This episode is all Eric! He's been away for a bit but he's fired up about some of the beer industries hottest topics! We also break open some of Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across the World pack, which seems to quench Eric's anger.  This and more on BIBO!

Jul 2017

SCN165: The Final Podcats

The time has come to say good bye! After a ton of episodes, lots of incredible guests, and some great laughs, it’s time the ship and it’s crew lands. Join us in this final episode as the whole group gathers to say goodnight Space City.  We’ll have some incredibly special guests joining us, so make sure to check out SCN #166: The Final Podcats!

See you, Space Cowboy…

Jun 2017

SCN164: Everyone is dead, Miguelito.

Jesus gets on with The Pop Culture Poppa, Michael Diaz, since the rest of the crew seemed to have died. We talk E3, Nintedo, POP heroes, and much much more!

Jun 2017

SCN163: Swamposting, E3 2K17, 1st Twin Peaks, Corey Feldman

Ryan, Rex and Jesus are here for this show! We go over Ryan's social experiment, our predictions for E3, Jesus watches Twin Peaks for the first time ever and Rex goes to watch Corey Feldman!

May 2017

BIBO May: Houston Whiskey Social, Triple Double IPAs, HB 3287/SB 2083

Eric and Jesus sit down to talk more booze. Eric makes Jesus feel bad for missing the Houston Whiskey Social, but drink some Glennfiddich XX to make it somewhat better. And Eric tries Sixpoint's Puff and Bell's Mars for the first time. And then we talk about the evils of HB 3287/SB 2083!

May 2017

SCN162: Comicpalooza, Houston Whiskey Social, Twin Peaks, Rompers and more!

Rex, Ryan and Jesus talk about their experience at Comicpalooza, Ryan about the Houston Whiskey Social, Rex orgasms about Twin Peaks and we discuss fashion.